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Here and there. I’m living. Life behind a computer is not a life lived. Gotta face the world sometime

My blog turned 3 today

And honestly I wouldn’t have known or even paid attention to it if it wasn’t for the “can’t stop/won’t stop turned 3 today!” email that I received from tumblr. But I feel that my blog deserves some recognition, because it got me through some hard times. My blog and my followers got me through some of my hardest and loneliest times. From my high times, to my depressed times, I could write on here how I was so fucked up out of my mind I couldn’t even see straight, and also how badly I wanted to kill myself that I would slice my skin every night. I posted my video on here about my cutting and got so much damn support it was incredible. Now I’m past my depression and getting fucked up to deal with this fucked up reality that we call life, that I’m barely on here anymore..but I haven’t forgotten how tumblr was my bestfriend and there for me when no one else would be. So happy third fuckin birthday to my blog, and happy third anniversary to my belligerent and depressed times-cause they’re a thing of the past. Sorry I don’t post barely as much as I use to..but I still can’t stop, and I won’t stop! Even the deepest scars heal. Remember that. Peace tumblr

It’s cold but not that deep, cause your legs grow >>
and i’m finding it

increasingly harder to move on with my life
you said i could
trust you but then cheated like it was right

and honestly it eats away at me
most nights,
knowing you chose someone over me
is a cruel thought to fight

but i get through it

although going through it is always easier said than done-
it makes it harder to get through this when i know you were the one..
i guess not, since you
let another person take my spot
i just don’t understand; these past months, did they mean anything to you?
or did they not?

i can’t comprehend it, gave you all i had and more
but you felt it better to give it up for a one-night whore..
but she couldn’t have been a whore, she must’ve been better in some way
these are the thoughts that haunt me every night, every day

just gotta keep catching myself,
and say i’ll get through
i know that it’s hard
but it’s what the ‘me’ in the past poems did too

whip game proper
take me, take me back to your bed
I love you so much that it hurts my head