Hate being sober >>
It’s like I’m moving at light speed (slow down)

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Only thing on the mind of a shark is eat
Spinning some fire last night

Spinning some fire

I can’t even lie, I’m always the one to give a fuck more
But I guess that explains why I’m always heading out the door
Do people even mean it when they say they love you and theyre sure?
Does anyone even know how to be loyal anymore?

And to be honest, I prefer to fly solo and toke weed
But lately I’ve been blowin thru guys like love is something that I need

Hah, come on now, let’s be real
My hearts so cold that a conscious isn’t something that I feel
Some might think I’m a monster but those who know me know the deal

Cause in this life we go thru so much,
always finding lust, deceit, but never any trust
But I’m happy all alone with just the fam to clutch,
I guess that why I’m feelin like a diamond in the rough

And it’s not that i don’t have friends, just think they’re a waste of time
Why spend all my energy on belligerence when I could be on my grind?
Not that going out and having fun is a crime
People worth being around is something I can’t find

The one that I needed was CJ from Laudy
Ive always been feelin like only he knows me
But we had to break up cause can’t no one control me
I don’t ask for much but he couldn’t accept me fully

Remember we talked at the hookah bar in the city
Then you fucked up and cheated, why I don’t have much pity,
Why I prefer to progress on my own,
Why I prefer to stay in my zone-
No one can hurt you when you’re ballin out alone

And I know that
In this world, I been thru so much
Fake places, fake faces, never know who to trust
But fuck everybody cause my fam is my crutch,
They give me support n that’s more than enough-

That’s more than I got from the scavengers on theses streets
They brought me to my lowest and now I’m up reaching my peak
Dropping dead weight, cause I know that I can’t keep
These clowns that drag me down
And only wanna stick around
For the money, for the fame,
Tho they really aren’t to blame,
I’d latch onto me too if my life wasn’t gunna change
And always stayed the same



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